I travel often, I’m a bit nomadic still.  There’s so much to see out there when I’m not neck-deep in technology.

If you never get out, or if you “travel” in that you go places but don’t see anything, you don’t learn about other places.

“I traveled to 21 countries.  what did I eat?  McDonalds”

Travel, and learning from it, it requires the frustrations of immiscibility in the host country.  Our personal growth is bourne of conflict, stress, and failure, which travel is a great source of.  Going places, hearing the sounds as the city wakes up, learning that the hut you’re in is on stilts above the ground due to snakes, all of that yields stress and growth.

This growth makes me look at my world with different eyes.  I hope to share what I see.

Just because I travel and see other places, it doesn’t make me a guru of all things around me.  I would argue that seeing other things, and rethinking the “normal” things around oneself, causes a certain growth away from societal assumptions towards learned choices.

I don’t much mind if you don’t read this.  It’s less for you, more for me, but I share it in case you find it interesting. I’m not a private person, I value communication and sharing as a method of understanding, empathy, solving problems and reducing the misunderstandings that lead to problems.

“I hate my landlord, and never speak to him, but of course, he should have empathy towards me and value the changes I’ve made to the apartment”

Communication yields empathy, both in you towards the people you’re surrounded by, and towards you from the people you talk to every day.  It is fostered by communication.  By sharing.

Contrariwise, if someone blocks information, communication, I wonder what truths they don’t want you to learn, or what empathy they don’t want you to have.  Liars and puppet-governments block communication between the two worlds which hold different truths.

This blog may hold no interest to you, and that’s fine.  Come by and check sometimes.  It might catch your eye.

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