Hey Allan, Maybe you can Work on Sunday

Often, I get asked to work on a Sunday or a Saturday — indeed, sometimes it’s accidental: some people don’t think things through when expanding a service offering to be 4 or 5 days.

1) there’s travel
2) there are timezones
3) travel tends to occur on the cheapest/crappiest flights

It’s not all about money, but money makes a great indicator of work/life balance that was sacrificed for naught.

In the last 3.5 years, I have had stellar reviews, while cost of living has suffered under inflation of 8.57 % (Feb 2009 to Aug 2012).

When I work weekends, I often get a “thanks”, but no cash. When I work late, no cash. When I travel overnight, no cash. When I sacrifice a weekend’s plans to make sure XYZCheeseFactory has what they need, no cash.

… but I do remain employed. Maybe if I didn’t work late/weekends I’d be fired.

By comparison, quite often it’s salespeople who ask me to work on weekends, “maybe just fly out on a Sunday”. When a sale gets completed, they get a bonus. If the customer feels well-treated, they get additional sales, some improved reception for new calls, even a frank non-business discussion that may lead to sales, or maybe just shooting-the-breeze. When the salesguy works late/long/weekends, they get cash either short-term, or in future business. Yes, it profits the company, but that commission cheque also helps.

I don’t pretend to understand the Salesman’s psyche — and this includes our talented ladies in sales as well — but I know that I don’t want it. If I wanted it, I’d be doing it, or failing at it, and reaping lessons from my failures.

When I work late/long/weekends, the company profits, the salesguy profits, but I don’t except continued employment.

A few hours on a few weekdays is easier to schedule around than trashing a few consecutive weekends.

Trashed weekend plans leads to being single again. Too far? Never taking a stand against this slide means nothing stops it from sliding to that extreme.

Paid no commission, but being alone again? Although it’s easier to sacrifice weekends as a bachelor, I can’t say that makes me want to jump on a plane on a sunday morning. Nope.

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