Yahoo Is In the Business for Private Details

So I went to join a Yahoo group today; my options were:

  1. create Yet-Another-Friggin Account (that’s soooo 1980s)
    • Extra “benefit” — the mail cannot be reliably read anywhere except opening up a web browser to and waiting… waiting…
  2. Login using OpenID and Google
  3. Login using OpenID and Facebook

Facebook is closest to my actual ID, so I used that one; I was amazed to find that — among the data that Yahoo considered “required” — are my political views, birthdate, all my friends and their contact information and private details.

The extra-dumbass part is where Yahoo — after sucking in all this information about me — still wants me to create a profile. That’s like cops slamming a 2-inch dossier about you in a desk, then opening with “so tell me about yourself”

What’s my beef about waiting for a website to read your mail?

  • Coming to a website to read my email is the bank’s stupid game: emailing me to come to their website to read an email they left for me — just friggin send it! (yes, I know what PKCS is, do you?) My phone and laptop have a mail client, I use gmail on the web, but I can also use a number of mail protocols
  • Website is synchronous; email is asynchronous. If you don’t know what that is, then “website needs me to wait despite slow bandwidth until I finally see all the ads and all the chewy bouncy animated graphics, whereas mail just sends when it can in a much more efficient transfer”.
  • Accuracy of protocol. See also The Fountainhead

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