Dialing Number Optimized for Smartphones?

So my work colleagues have been sending around conference numbers that are “Optimized for Smartphones” using an “x” as a dialing character that perhaps is intended to wait for a pause.

Unfortunately, it probably only works for RIM’s Blackberry line of devices (the #4 product, behind Apple, Nokia, and the whole collection of Android stew). RIM holds 15% of marketshare.

It seems that none of them have checked?

“x” is treated as syntactical sugar and ignored just as “-” and spaces are. …except maybe on their RIM product. “Works with IE” (if you don’t understand the significance of that statement, you might want to move on)

At least they aren’t using “+” to look cool (as opposed to the international code for “put this local hamlet’s random indicator for long-distance dialing here” which becomes “011”, “119”, “110” etc as required).

Unfortunately, very few of us would recognize the double-bonehead of “+18005551212×345631#” (if you have to think about it, just move on).

…but we all recognize the limits of the behavior of making an assumption rather than actually checking facts before regurgitating.

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