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We collect into functional groups where no other exists to fill that void.


Family is a funny thing — Asians are better at keeping a family communicating even if they are unimpressed with each other. One could claim that the non-existence of social security is the driving force, to which I argue that there are more altruistic and Confucian reasons to stick together; but aside from that, the downward spiral of Social Security implies we’ll need that skill.

North Americans are so quick to trash their family. Lacking one nearby (or unwilling to accept the blame for another’s self-inflicted issues) those of us who are social, and want to participate on a big over-arching house need to go elsewhere to meet that need.

I had dinner at a friend’s house –I get to practice a little cooking for more-than-one. Simple cooking. This friend is very much like family, and they practice a very open door… Along the lines of “if I don’t answer my phone, you have door keys for a reason”. I think all five of us tonight have such keys. This is very similar to my father’s open-house, and my aunt and uncle’s ” pay it forward” mentality.

Such a grand open house is like a great land baron or head of estate of old: replace the arts sponsorship of yesterday with a sponsorship of associates towards more enjoyable mix of drop-ins at home.

I think it’s the right way to go about it; I’d just like to be the guy inviting people into my house to share my table. Being the younger brother role is not so bad.

My pride is ok with having other outlets through which I can “pay it forward”

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