August Travel: BVI, USVI, Panama, Other?

Thinking on where to go for August — although very soon after July in Vegas, it coincides with some other peoples’ available vacation times.

I only have 9 Comp Days right now, I would probably travel on comp. I’d be wanting to hook up with HO, TS, and AK, but if there was agreeable visa status for Chinese, WD could also join — you all know who you are — so that’s why I intend to grow this post over a few days of research. This is simply an easy way to track down my notes if someone else is interested.

loc interest Visa issues?
BVI HO, TS US: might be UK Visa
CN: easier with UK past?
US fly-thru?
Panama AK CN/US same: $5 Visa-on-Arrival
see also: CN US
no serious crime issue
CN: LAX fly-thru needs C-1 Visa
via DS-160 and app fee
CN: As difficult as US?
US fly thru as well?

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