Volcanically Grounded: 10 Whole Days in the Same City

So there’s this erupting volcano that everyone knows about. (pop quiz: did you know it’s been erupting for a month or more?)

The strange thing is that it has forced me to stay in the same city for 10 days. The coffee girl recognizes me, the security at the Datacenter I’m working at knows my face, the other security guy jokes about our hotel rooms “at his hotel”, and whether we need more towels. (Actually, this security dude refused me entry to the datacenter one night, but he was doing his job; he’s a super-funny guy)

As mentioned in FB, I have received free dinner, free beer, free laundry/drycleaning. I have feasted much upon defenseless stromboli.

Despite the perks, I’m getting itchy feet. It’s time to move on.

I’m starting to talk a little like North Carolinians. ..North Carolinans. ..North Carolina pod-people.

C’mon, Volcano, quit it. How’s a guy to get his airmiles?