S.Lott-Software Architect: Meetings

I worked for a few really good managers; most would grip the general ideas of manager-vs-developer work styles, and efficiency of all-hands meetings. S.Lott is the latest of many to summarize in his entry “Meetings“.

In short:

  • 12 direct-reports in a 1-hour meeting is 13 hours consumed. Luckily, 7 direct-reports is only one day of effort wasted.
  • An all-hands meeting should be brief, focused and logged
  • An iterative status report from each attendee is the opposite of these rules

I was lucky enough to work with Rao Hong for a while; he was laconic, targeted, efficient. He did call me into his office to discuss, but it wasn’t a power-game, it was a meeting-of-opportunity.

I get to work with Clarissa Eastham; she takes names, actions, and follows up; also, she protects her people like precious resources, inducing attempts to make oneself worthwhile.

I was pleased to work with Julian Chen; he excelled at brief meetings-of-opportunity, and the ability to make the other person feel truly significant. Julian’s style of strategic meetings where possible were also quite effective at the one-on-one.

There were others, but these examples approach the “Holy Grail” of the PMs in S.Lott’s article, and excel in other attributes.

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