No, I Don’t Think I’ll Add “Giggles Wilkinson” as a Friend

I don’t think that’s your real name, and although your location/home is “Earth”, I have faith in you, oh anonymous person, that you can be a bit more specific.  And I don’t think the photo of the dog is really you, although your social network profile has scant other details.

…like a friggin clue as to who you are.

The “ignore” button is very near the “accept friend” button.  Your mission is to help sway the mouse pointer.  Think for a moment about achieving your goal.

Perhaps you’ve been given this URL to look at; please read it in entirety, I wrote it for a reason.

I get “Add me as a Friend” pokes and prods daily, and I have the memory of a goldfish.  If I cannot look at the information there and see a reason we know each other, there’s a good chance your social networking ambitions will not be met this time.

Remember: you’re asking me.  For some reason, you think you’ll get enjoyment from interacting with me.  I’m particular, peculiar, and unnerving.  I ask the sideline questions that mainstream is overly afraid or under-ly concerned to ask, and I check your math.

If you really want a piece of that, to interact, then give me a clue as to who you are, where we met, or how we know each other.

Remember: the “cancel” or “ignore” buttons are very near the “accept friend” button.  Your mission is to help sway the mouse pointer to the button you want me to click.  Think for a moment about achieving your goal.

Consider what your profile looks like to an anonymous stranger.  Consider whether there are clues and hints as to who you are, or — contrariwise — whether you appear to be a twitter bug looking for followers at whom they can spam adverts, or a WebCam Girl looking for viewers who have strong credit scores and a brace of credit cards.  Which do you think you appear to be?

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