Hello world!

Yes, this blog was also a victim of the death of the backup.  …all my history is gone.  Is that a clear slate?  no no no … I remember what I have to write, and what I’ve written, but I think I’ll now make errors when I think I’ve written something and haven’t.  Let’s see…

I considered joining the blogs again and making each into a view of the content — so that all my tech thoughts, miscellaneous thoughts, travel are in the same source, but feed out to views based on categories.  That’s almost cool, but it’s not quite enough.

Why do I split them?  The Friendster Rule:  Your friends friends are not friends, nor are all your friends.  We have circles of friends, polarized based on immiscible groups (techies and technophiles, Swing Kiddies and the Non, etc).  Just because you know two people, that doesn’t ensure they want to know each other.

In the same vein, your communiques are often geared to one group or another (often both, which is why the split-blogs fails).  My family often doesn’t care about my tech stuff, and the tech people don’t care if I hate turnips or have recently learned to juggle.  Neither are true at this time, but they don’t care.

The Tech side is geared towards “what do I have that you can use TODAY?”, whereas this blog is “what’s new in my life?” …travel is just checking in, signs of life, a backbone for additional discussion.

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